The Use Of Art In Life

Have you ever thought about the role of art in our lives? There is art in everything around us. Every individual is equipped with some form of art since birth, it’s not just what we see in a display showcase in a museum. Also, each one has a different view of art, which makes it very subjective. Art makes everything more presentable and interesting. It is such a large and inherent part of our lives that we don’t even take notice of it, most of the times. You could have a general view of art right away. Look at your surrounding, isn’t their art everywhere? Right from lamps, tables, chairs to paintings and the design of your windows, the list is endless. So, let’s have an insight into how important art is in our lives.

Art is a reflection of an individual’s beliefs. We see individuals putting up their ideas in the form of art. It is an easy way to make yourself heard without the need of a voice. People depict a lot of things through art like love, hatred, boredom, sexuality, resentment and much more. It is their way of giving expression to their thoughts. Art is used by people to explore their creative self to add value to their life.

Art is also used to make things around you lively. You can change your surrounding to give it a more meaningful look. It includes simplest of things like changing the color of your curtains, putting up colorful paintings on the wall, trying a new hairdo, anything at all which brings happiness. You can also use art when you write something, in not only the handwriting but also the way you write. Trying a novel way would definitely fetch you good results.

Have you ever thought why are you taught art at school? Art is introduced at school level because it is a way into children’s mind. Their brain gets stimulated to grab what they learn from the environment. As a result they try to put it in the small space provided to them. Eventually, children learn the usage of art. They learn how art can be used instead of the written form. Also, they can be taught through art. Remember drawing an apple for the first time? You were made to draw it so that you could identify its features perfectly.

These days psychologists use art showcases with children to understand their thought process. They are made to draw whatever they feel like and then these drawings are analyzed and evaluated to find a solution to their problems.

Art is used directly as well as indirectly. Where there are people who make art there are also people who appreciate it. The latter make business out of art. They invest into the others’ creations, for example, publishers, newspapers, magazine editors, fashion houses and the list continues. This way, art is a part of everyone’s life.

Lastly, art is beyond language. It has the power to connect the world. No matter where you go, you can understand and appreciate art.