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Why Organic Skincare Is The Best Gift?

These insights gave you a few pointers about what might be a best-seller for an organic skincare gift kit and how you can plan, package, and market your product offerings. Then, in the spirit of giving back and helping fellow beauty entrepreneurs, we asked our respondents for tips on planning, pricing, packaging, and promoting their organic and natural skincare gifts. For this post, therefore, we turned to our students and alums to see which products they felt were best made, given, and sold as natural beauty gifts.

As natural beauty becomes more prevalent, consumers are looking for Christmas gift sets of natural skincare products and beauty products, knowing their recipients are more informed about the benefits of using botanicals than they have been in a long time.

This organic skincare gift set will make your skin feel hydrated, cleansed, and refreshed. Organic skincare products are made from superior, non-harmful, natural compounds that benefit your skin. Unlike conventional skincare, organic products do not offer a temporary slickness. Instead, they provide benefits to the skin over a more extended period.

This is because organic products have virtually no harsh, synthetic chemical ingredients. However, non-organic skincare products contain synthetic, artificial chemicals like sodium laurel, mineral oil, Laureth sulphate, and toxins which may be residues from pesticides. Studies also found they may include mineral oils, petroleum, parabens, and other chemicals that may irritate the skin, cause hormonal disruption, organ toxicity, and even cancer when used over long periods.

For instance, many mainstream skincare products may contain endocrine-disrupting phthalates or parabens (diethyl phthalate-dep, DBP, methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, and so on). Organic skincare products, by contrast, are made with ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

However, using organic, natural skincare products will guarantee you are getting real nutritional benefits from the natural ingredients. In addition, when you purchase organic skincare products, you are buying cruelty-free skincare products and supporting the movement to eliminate animal testing from the beauty industry.

Using chemical-free products (natural and organic) in your skincare routine makes a lot of sense and keeps you safe from synthetic chemicals’ harmful effects. Because natural and organic skincare products blend in the necessary vitamins, botanicals, and minerals to heal and help repair the skin while not hurting the environment and creating healthier, softer, more elastic skin. For an organic skincare gift that will indulge and encourage better skin health, why not gift your special someone with this nourishing, naturally-based combination of moisturizers? These are inexpensive skincare gifts that are 100% natural and are a naturally-beautiful treat. The geranium-sweet orange luxury lip balm is perfect for those who are cautious about their sensitive mouth area.

Cruelty-free, clinically proven, mineral oil-free, this gift will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces while improving skin health. Suppose you would like to gift luminous skin for the holidays. In that case, our award-winning Facial Repair Oil is made from organic, biodynamic(r) ingredients, packed with valuable herbs and oils that will comfort even the barest winter skin.

The result is a gorgeous, spa-like treatment that helps to exfoliate and refine skin, all while feeding and nurturing it. The result is a soothing, whole-body experience—an all-natural Christmas gift set for men that address their skin concerns.

Christmas gift sets

This body rub helps to brighten your skin and clear up pimples while giving you that beautiful, youthful glow. In addition, this gift of nature removes toxins deep within, refreshing and feeding your body all at once. Whether a quick treat or a longer skincare routine, a skincare gift reminds you daily to unwind.

Natural gifts for body and hand care usually outperform face care products like creams, serums, and colourful makeup. On the other hand, aromatic, natural body and bath products like body oils, lotions and balms, and practical cosmetics like luxe hand creams are easier gifts than face creams and serums that have to cater to a gift recipient’s particular skin needs.

If unsure about the recipient’s skin type or taste, go with body lotions, butter, hand creams, nail care products, and lip balms. However, if you need to know and have something to base it on, some excellent skincare products or a few cuddle products are likely the safer choice. Sure, not everyone keeps their products in a refrigerator, to begin with, but having them on the nightstand instead of stuck in a bathroom means that your recipients can get into a routine of skincare in the comfort of their beds.

Head to the Christmas collection page for even more ideas on unique gifts, and be sure to also look at all organic skincare and self-care products… everyone makes a thoughtful, luxe gift. Organic, gentle products are great for tying-down massages, improving relaxation, and protecting the baby’s skin. Instead of gift sets, you can mix and match, getting an assortment of natural, organic skin treatments. Our gloriously aromatic bath salts make this timeless gift sexy.

Natural, organic ingredients like coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, and shea butter, for instance, are known for soothing nourishment and moisture and contributing to a smoother complexion. In addition, because plants grown organically are grown without herbicides and pesticides, their organic ingredients are free of this pollution, too, meaning the same thing for your skin and body.