2018 Photography Trends

Today we cover the trends in the truly fascinating art of photography including fashion, lifestyle, portraiture, and even to local wedding photos. These trends will eventually trickle down to all levels of photography from high-end fashion brands and top selling magazines to the Mornington Peninsula wedding photography business down the road.

Cooler temperatures, fewer hours of daylight, and cuddling on the sofa in our favourite sweats while sipping hot cocoa are on us. With the shifting of the seasons comes the changing of the guards o f new influences and new tendencies. Moving from the hot Melbourne summer into the cooler months of autumn means a shifting scene amongst photographers as well.

Why is this significant? Many fashion photographers are producing fashion stories which are at least one season beforehand, and consequently being on fashion is of extreme importance. Furthermore, it’s currently a part of their work demand to be together with the approaching fashions so as to stay relevant, particularly in fashion and design development. Photography is the art of bringing other art to life and hence it is vital to keep up with all artistic trends.

Like from the Devil Wears Prada, decisions pertaining to the most fundamental of apparel options were already given by people in charge. Additionally, the graphics and styles embraced by style invariably trickle into lifestyle photography as well as weddings photography.

Fashion photography is just one of the most well-known photography art forms, and is seen from the masses; it’s natural that it impacts other regions of portraiture in addition to other genres of photography. Thus, what do we expect to find in 2018?

Rosy, Peachy and Golden:
Color grading is making a comeback along with toning is greatly affected by the Winter 2017 and Spring/Summer 2018 Pantone colours. It is not as straightforward as clicking an action in Photoshop. Even brands that are famous for their neutral palette today catch versions with rosy, peachy and gold skin tones. There’s clear precision and care together with the toning and the colour palettes are reminiscent of paintings. In accordance with makeup artists trends of golden eyeshadows and shiny rose blush and lips, photography should compliment and show off these artistic effects.

Mood Lighting:

Concerning lighting, the barre was raised significantly. Learning how to manipulate available light to make a stunning picture is essential. The trend of shooting in harsh lighting and producing rule-breaking shadows was substituted with mixed light and classic lighting routines.

Meanwhile, the lighting being made from the studio is no longer being held hostage by absolutely bright midtones plus a minimum ISO. It reflects the craftsmanship and control of an artisan who has mastered this ability; the light has been feathered and finely envelops the topic.

The current Dior campaign recorded by Brigitte Lacombe is a choice case of dim lighting. Brigitte is always producing impeccable work and it’s no surprise that her photography is in high demand from leading brands, along with her Instagram accounts makes for good study material.

Darker Midtones:

Midtones finally dictate the total appearance and texture of a picture and it’s not surprising that darker midtones go hand-in-hand with moodier lighting.

Mixed Media

The video continues to control and moving forward the urge to learn video has to be updated to over a bucket record standing. Slow movement pictures, cinemagraphs, and even interactive movie games are being embraced by leading brands and being paired with visually-impactful still pictures. The current advertising campaigns of big fashion houses like Miu Miu and Coach this season made it rather apparent that combining a variety of kinds of media is the way of the future. Brands are using a variety of exhibition installations to showcase their brand, for example incorporating photographs with an interactive video.


Strong diversity and women are still in high demand as the fashion sector continues to revive its vantage point after a rocky couple of decades. Everybody would like to feel a feeling of belonging, and finally, wish to see somebody that looks like those contained in the advertisements they see. The feelings depicted and tales being told through the graphics will need to be authentic.

Last but not least, any shifting of this human anatomy will be inspected and skin pruning will probably last to be accomplished using a light-handed approach.

Authenticity inside the realms of women’s minds, emotion and skin will continue to reign supreme. The pendulum appears to get captured momentum and is moving back toward that of an extremely skilled professional one of photographers, photographers, retouchers etc.. Basically, images have been made which simplifies the job being generated from people with the dangerously good smartphone filters and cameras. Pictures that appear simple and glossy are anything but, and emotive pictures are in.

Photography art services will continue to blossom in 2018 in line with the above trends. I am looking forward to the autumn/winter edits from the top fashion brands and industry big guns who can never do wrong.